Herobrine Prison Escape

Well hello there..

Today me and Doney decided to finally do another adventure map together! Well and we actually did it! Get ready for the first of a very long great adventure map series! Have fun!

Herobrine Prison Escape Download;

Part 01 – It is Getting Dark Real Fast;

Part 02 – Scary Zombies Knocking On Doors;

Part 03 – The Cobblestone Generator;

Part 04 – We Got It All Wrong;

Part 05 – Lava Is Dangerous;

Part 06 – Not Sure How To Play This;

Part 07 – The Secret Room;

Part 08 – Enchanting For n00bs;

Part 09 – To The Nether We Go!;

Part 10 – More Bloody Zombies!;

Part 11 –  Get These Zombies Away From Me!;

Part 12 –  Is This The End?;

Part 13 –  Finally Finished… A Round-Up;

We are finally finished with this map. We look fwd to check out more by these guys.


Dead IslandCraft Interview With TheMightyZombie (Creator)

Well hello again,

If any of you lot remember our Dead IslandCraft series then you will know that Mangler and Robbi had a good go at the map. Although they probably missed about 50% of it..

Well it seems that Will AKA. TheMightyZombie (The creator of Dead IslandCraft) watched our videos and liked them… For some reason?

We were lucky enough to get an exclusive interview with him.

Dead IslandCraft Interview Part 01 Lovely Sweater!;

Dead IslandCraft Interview Part 02 Mind That Lava!;

Dead IslandCraft Interview Part 03 That’s Ruined It!;


Dead IslandCraft Texture Pack Review;

Download coming soon.



Dead Island Craft With The M1neTube

Hello there!

Mangler and Robbi play through this great map!

You can download it here;

Dead Island Craft Download

Dead Island Craft Playlist (Click Above)

Check out the videos right from here if you like?

M1neTube Play Dead Island Craft Part 01 Are You Aware That We Are Stranded!?;

M1neTube Play Dead Island Craft Part 02 Creepers Love R0BBIKAI!;

M1neTube Play Dead Island Craft Part 03 Repair The Bridge!

M1neTube Play Dead Island Craft Part 04 Romeo oh Romeo!

M1neTube Play Dead Island Craft Part 05 Booby Trapped!

M1neTube Play Dead Island Craft Part 06 Mr Wiggles!

M1neTube Play Dead Island Craft Part 07 Little Baby Spider!


And that was the final part.. I hope you liked the series.. Check back for more soon!


M1neTube Do The Big Monster Run

Well hello there! We have a new series for you!

A friend of the M1neTube Michael has made this epic Map in his Single-Player (With no cheats or spawning) It really is quite something.

He then decided to make it into an Adventure map so he could share it with you lot 😀


The Big Monster Run Playlist (Click Above)

Us M1neTube muppets decided we would try and do a play-through..

The Big Monster Run Trailer

…Sorry this had to be taken down.. For some reason I was getting problems with copyright. As far as I was aware it was fine to use.. Ah well.. Please check out the play-through below.

Part 01 R0BBIKAI Took All The Chicken!;

Part 02 I’m Bloody Lost Again!;

Part 03 Damn-It I was Winning Too!;

Part 04 I Don’t Have Your Stuff!;

The Van. K House Tour Special;

I hope you enjoyed this series!


M1neTube’s New Intro & Font

Hello people.

Well this has been a long time coming really as the first intros were created by me when I was learning Cinema 4D (they were not the best)


With R0BBIKAI joining the team this brought in a dude who know Cinema 4D a lot better than me.


After a lot of effort on Robbies part persuading me that Helvetica was not the font to use, I found us a new font.. I hope you like it.. The new font is called Blockhead and can be found here (Robbie modified the number one also)


R0BBIKAI also made us a new intro..


Look out for new YouTube & Twitter backgrounds along with an updgraded Avatar soon.


A New Background


How are you all doing?

Last night while waiting around for Mangler (AGAIN!) I decided I would update the M1neTube channel background.

I have added our Skins to the right hand side along with our ‘favourite things’

For me this is clearly Flint & Steel, Mangler loves the Cookies and Bru chose a Pick-axe as he is ‘Mr Super-Builder’



I hope you like the background..

M1neTube Background


I also updated the twitter background but it is pretty much the same as before.


I will look into updating the Intro soon also.



M1neTube How-To

Hello everyone,

M1neTube How-To is our first ‘proper’ series on the M1neTube channel, we will be working through the very basics of Minecraft (the sort of stuff I didn’t know when I first started, have you seen my first video?)

We hope you like these, we have seven lined up so far (keep checking the channel as we will be releasing them over the next few weeks) We plan to do a total of ten for now.

M1neTube How-To Playlist;

M1neTube How-To Playlist

M1neTube How-To Playlist

M1neTube How-To Part 01 Basic Tools With DoneyKebab & Mangler112;

M1neTube How-To Part 02 Coal & Stone Tools With DoneyKebab & Mangler112;

M1neTube How-To Part 03 Shelters, Doors & Torches With DoneyKebab & Mangler112;

M1neTube How-To Part 04 Beds & Cows With DoneyKebab & Mangler112;

M1neTube How-To Part 05 Chest, Furnaces & Pork Sarnies With DoneyKebab & Mangler112;

M1neTube How-To Part 06 A Compass & A Clock With DoneyKebab, Mangler112 & IRNBRU72;

M1neTube How-To Part 07 Caving & Iron Ore With DoneyKebab, Mangler112 & IRNBRU72;

M1neTube How-To Part 08 Sheep & Rare Ore’s With DoneyKebab & Mangler112;

M1neTube How-To Part 09 A Portal Without  Diamond Tools & A Trip To The Nether With DoneyKebab & Mangler112;

M1neTube How-To Part 10 The Right Tools For The Job With DoneyKebab & Mangler112;

I know we said there was only 10 parts but I was routing around on my hard-drive and managed to find you this!

M1neTube How-To -SPECIAL- Armour & Dungeons With DoneyKebab & Mangler112;



p.s. we also found a funny glitch when using Powered Rails.. Pig Roller-Coaster!


Hello everyone.

I have been working on the M1neTube intro recently as some of you may know..

The first ‘official’ M1neTube intro I made was this one.

M1neTube Intro V01

It took me a seriously long time as I was learning Cinema 4D and It was far too long 😦 – Along with having some lighting issues

Also as some of you know I tried to use Global Illumination and it rendered for 23hrs (85%) and crashed – I did then turn off that setting 😉

It took me some time to accept we needed a new one (because of the time it took to make) but eventually I updated it.

M1neTube Intro V02

Check out the sounds too 😛

I hope you agree that this is a much better intro and we will be using this going forward..

Thanks for you time