M1neTube How-To 2 on Yeousch Alliance

Well hello there!

As you know we recently became partnered with Yeousch Alliance. Woop-Woop!

Well we have only just got around to doing a series on the channel.

We have called it How-To2 (because we already did a How-To series on our channel)

So without further adieu lets check it out!

M1neTube How To Starting Out With DoneyKebab & Mangler112 Part 1;

M1neTube Fire & Tool Upgrades With DoneyKebab & Mangler112 Part 2;


More coming soon…


Puzzle-Adventure Custom Map

What do we have here? A puzzle map?

Mangler, Robbikai and 4sak3nx take on ‘Puzzle-Adventure Map’ (Great name)

Download Puzzle-Adventures here

Puzzle-Adventure Playlist

Puzzle-Adventure Playlist

Puzzle-Adventures Part 01 With Mangler112, Robbikai & 4sak3nx;

Puzzle-Adventures Part 02 With Mangler112, Robbikai & 4sak3nx;

Puzzle-Adventures Part 03 With Mangler112, Robbikai & 4sak3nx;

It is damn funny stuff!



Hello everyone.

I have been working on the M1neTube intro recently as some of you may know..

The first ‘official’ M1neTube intro I made was this one.

M1neTube Intro V01

It took me a seriously long time as I was learning Cinema 4D and It was far too long 😦 – Along with having some lighting issues

Also as some of you know I tried to use Global Illumination and it rendered for 23hrs (85%) and crashed – I did then turn off that setting 😉

It took me some time to accept we needed a new one (because of the time it took to make) but eventually I updated it.

M1neTube Intro V02

Check out the sounds too 😛

I hope you agree that this is a much better intro and we will be using this going forward..

Thanks for you time



Teaching IRNBRU72 How To Play Mincraft

Hello everyone!

Yes it is how it sounds. IRNBRU72 is new to the game and me being a n00b thought I would try and teach him some basics.. Having Mangler112 and R0BBIKAI to help did create some funny results 😀

Teaching IRNBRU72 Playlist

Teaching IRNBRU72 Playlist

Teaching IRNBRU72 How To Play Minecraft Part 01;

Teaching IRNBRU72 How To Play Minecraft Part 02;

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