Minecraft Snapshot Week 38 12w38b Download Link

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Did you miss me? Well my wife had our second child.. A lovely little Girl called Florence Olivia… We have been slightly busy with her recently.. But now I am back… Please read on for Snapshot info 🙂

Minecraft Snapshot 12w38a;

Still working towards the Pretty Scary Update. We’re reaching the end of the number of features we want, and will from now on start focusing on polishing up a 1.4 release. Here’s the 12w38a changelog:

  • Updated and added new sounds by C418
  • Added a neutral mob
  • Added a hostile mob (doesn’t spawn yet)
  • Command block target parameters have been upgraded, check here for details: https://gist.github.com/3736487
  • Beacon artwork has changed
  • Wood trunk blocks are now rotated differently. Instead of using the player’s position, it will rotate based on the face it is placed upon. This is mainly a test, so feedback is welcomed, but for me personally this way is a bit easier.

View the 12w38a snapshot on the Mojang Blog

This snapshot was then super-seeded by 12w38b.

Minecraft Snapshot 12w38b;

Because the ‘say’ command didn’t work we decided to do a 12w38b snapshot:

  • /say command works again
  • Updated sound engine and added minecart sound effects
  • Various other sound effect changes
  • A few tweaks to the witch mob

Download the snapshot here:

If you don’t have Minecraft you can download the launcher here: http://www.minecraft.net/download

// The Minecraft Team

View the 12w38b snapshot on the Mojang Blog

How To Install

It seems the snapshots are the same as they used to be to install again;

Check out the M1neTube channel for more Snapshot reviews.

Well that is it really, get on and try it yourself…


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