Minecraft Snapshot 12w25a Update Released Download Link

Another update? Week 25…

I went ahead and copied the info from the Mojang blog for ya.

We’re still focusing on bug fixing so we eventually can release the 1.3 patch. The biggest problem right now is that since the game is hosting a server in the background, the game requires more hardware resources than before. We’re trying to figure out a way to solve that, but here’s a weekly snapshot for now:

  • Added a menu with options for opening your single-player world
  • The multi-player menu now scans for LAN servers (single-player worlds)
  • Villagers will remove trade options after the option has been used 3-15 times
  • Added wooden stairs for the remaining three wood types
  • Corrected Ender Chest storage (no longer whiped on respawning)
  • A lot of smaller changes and fixes

Get the snapshot here:

If you havent downloaded Minecraft you can grab it here: www.minecraft.net/download

// The Minecraft Team

Read all about it on the Mojang Snapshot 12w25a post

The Yogscast guys pointed out the serious love for steps in the updates recently.

yogscast: The road to 1.3 is being paved with solid stone slabs of awesomeness. At this rate 1.3 will feel more like 2.0. Or…

How To Install

It seems the snapshots are the same as they used to be to install again;


Check out the M1neTube channel to see some of the older Snapshot Reviews


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