The Yogscast Minecraft World Record 09-10-2011

Hello everyone.. It has been some time since I did a new blog post.

Late Thurday evening 09-10-2011 The yogscast guys Tweeted/Facebook’d that they were planning to attempt to set a new world record for the number of people on a Minecraft server at any one time!

FaceBook Update

We made a video about it! (We Saw HoneyDew!)

IRNBRU72 also made a video

Soon after they tweeted out the IP and we logged on;

Announcement Tweet

Within minutes we had topped 500 and they then increased the server limit.

We very quickly reached 800 users (Mangler appeared in the top line of the screen-grab they posted online!)

800 Users Online

Proof of 800 Users Online

They then increased the limit again and we ended the night with 899 users online!

World Record Tweet

Proof of 899 Users Online

Woop Woop!

Yogiverse World Record Champions

It was so brilliant to be a part of it..

I have also posted this in the Machinima Respawn Facebook app and the Minecraft Forum


p.s. did I mention we saw HoneyDew? 😀

Teaching IRNBRU72 How To Play Mincraft

Hello everyone!

Yes it is how it sounds. IRNBRU72 is new to the game and me being a n00b thought I would try and teach him some basics.. Having Mangler112 and R0BBIKAI to help did create some funny results 😀

Teaching IRNBRU72 Playlist

Teaching IRNBRU72 Playlist

Teaching IRNBRU72 How To Play Minecraft Part 01;

Teaching IRNBRU72 How To Play Minecraft Part 02;

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