M1neTube Featured on Kitten Pets Website

So this is odd! It seems our How To Breed Ocolets (Cats) video was featured on KittenPets.com

Check out the full cat breeding post here

I can only assume this was picked up automatically? In fact a few of the vids are featured on there.

Freaking Cats

They were filled under ‘Breed’ and if you look at the rest of the videos on there;

How to breed cats

cats, cats, cats, cats, MINECRAFT! lol

Actually there are quite a few Minecraft vids on there 😀 Look..

Freaking love it..

Well they gave us at least 195 views.. So thanks Cat lovers everywhere!


Minecraft Snapshot 12w04a

Hello again,

We have yet another snapshot! This one seemed to come up very quick.. I only just made a video showing 12w03a 😉

This update adds Freaking Cats (Ocelot’s) .. haha

  • New jungle-specific mob that can be tamed
  • Skeletons have new AI and a few new behaviors
  • Various minor bug fixes and changes
  • Added an experience item to creative mode
  • Added a flame item…
  • Updated language files

Get the snapshot here:

If you haven’t downloaded Minecraft you can grab it here: www.minecraft.net/download

 You can read more about 12w04a on the Mojang blog.

Minecraft Forum also has some more information;

  • Jungle Tree Saplings (thanks Minecraftman1)
  • The textures for dispensers and saplings have been changed. (thanks Minecraftman1)
  • If a 2×2 square of Jungle Tree Saplings is made and one is fertilized with bone meal, a huge tree is made (Thank you, Wolfrose88 via Minecraftman1)

Mangler and I attempted to tame/breed some Kitties;

Minecraft Snapshot 12w04a Freaking Cats Ocelot Part 01 HD

Minecraft Snapshot 12w04a Freaking Cats Ocelot Part 02 HD

Minecraft Snapshot 12w04a How-To Tame And Breed Ocelots (Cats) HD;