Minecraft 1.4 Pre-Release Download Link

Well that was quick.. I’m sure I only did a 12w42a/b post yesterday..

Minecraft 1.4 Pre-release!;

Woho, time to get ready for 1.4! This release is the full 1.4, intended to prepare server admins and mod makers. Searge of the Minecraft Coder Pack has already been informed, as usual. This release will be pushed to the public on Wednesday, October 24!

Since the snapshot yesterday we’ve fixed some bugs that were reported, as well as including new sound effects for the Wither, bats, the anvil and finally the Ender Dragon!

Download the pre-release here:

If you don’t have Minecraft you can download the launcher here: http://www.minecraft.net/download

// The Minecraft Team

Read this on the Mojang Blog


How To Install

It seems the snapshots are the same as they used to be to install again;

Video Reviews

There isn’t that much about yet but we are planning a 1.4 pre live-stream later this evening. Swing by the M1neTube channel and check it out.

For now why not check out our Herobrine Prison Escape Series;



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