Minecraft Snapshot Week 27 12w27a Update Released Download Link

Well hello, Me again… The guy that just copy and pastes the info from the Mojang Blog 😛

Well your hear now.. May as-well read on…

Snapshot 12w27a (Week 27)

  • Bug fixes!
  • Optimizations!
  • Please check your piston contraptions. Most we’ve tested still work fine, but some require changes to repeater delays and similar. Overall, pistons should have fewer bugs, but will appear to update slightly slower.

Get the snapshot here:

If you haven’t downloaded Minecraft you can grab it here: www.minecraft.net/download

// The Minecraft Team


How To Install

It seems the snapshots are the same as they used to be to install again;


I do not have any review video links yet.. You can always check out the M1neTube channel to see some of the previous updates.


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