Minecraft 1.3 Pre-Release Download Link

Hello there, This is just a very quick post from me to give you all the links and info you should know about Minecraft 1.3 Pre-Release.

Minecraft 1.3 Pre-Release

It’s finally time for Minecraft 1.3! As the norm is these days, we prepare the community and server providers with a prerelease. The official release date is August 1, so that’s when everybody will get the update in the launcher.

Here’s a brief collection of all the changes made since Minecraft 1.2.5:

  • The game now runs an internal server in single-player mode
  • The single-player server can be shared on LAN, with LAN server detection
  • Made it possible to use client-side commands by enabling cheats (this is defaulted as disabled for old worlds)
  • Added an optional “bonus chest” to get started quicker
  • It’s now possible to trade with villagers. Added emeralds as a currency
  • You gain enchantment orbs from other tasks than just destroying monsters. Max enchantment level has been decreased to 30
  • Servers can automatically suggest and distribute texture packs
  • Added new world map elements (does not need a new map, but they’ll only appear in new areas)
  • Added cocoa beans
  • Added an Ender chest
  • Added tripwire
  • Wooden logs can be placed sideways
  • More detailed change log here: http://www.reddit.com/r/edstonehelper/comments/p6lol/planned_for_the_next_update/

Get the pre-release here:

If you haven’t downloaded Minecraft you can grab it here: www.minecraft.net/download

Please note that the minecraft.jar doesn’t need to be extracted or unpacked in any way, you simply replace the minecraft.jar file that is located in the “.minecraft/bin” folder.

Have a great week!

-Lydia (with some help from Jeb)

Read all about this and more on the Mojang Blog


How To Install

It seems the snapshots are the same as they used to be to install again;


I do not have any review video links yet.. You can always check out the M1neTube channel to see some of the previous updates.


Or you could check out our Dropper Series while you wait 😛


In Other News…

Mojang are running a competition to get your Minecraft 1.3 commercial featured on thie YouTube channel.

Check out the video contest we are doing and create your own Minecraft 1.3 commercial.
Yours could be featured on the Mojang YouTube channel!

Can’t wait to see the amazingness you create!

Best get on and enter.. I know I will be 🙂


Also Jeb has been getting a bit bored waiting for the final release and has been working to add some of the features mentioned in this video.


Along with Command blocks! w00t :O

jeb_: So this  block will be able to run cmds on redstone signals. With proper commands, many things can be scripted

jeb_: For example, “xp 500 @player” would give the (single-)player 500 enchantment points

jeb_: Hope this explains it better: The block’s command is “give @p 20 7” and gives this:

jeb_: The “at p” keyword only works with a singleplayer, though. Currently there’s no way of knowing which player triggered the redstone


I will be honest… I don’t understand all of this but from what I do understand it looks freaking cool. I guess it could be used a lot in adventure maps to give out certain items? Who knows. I’m sure some people will do some amazing things with it in the future.


For now though I think that is it.. See you soon.



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