Herobrine Prison Escape

Well hello there..

Today me and Doney decided to finally do another adventure map together! Well and we actually did it! Get ready for the first of a very long great adventure map series! Have fun!

Herobrine Prison Escape Download;

Part 01 – It is Getting Dark Real Fast;

Part 02 – Scary Zombies Knocking On Doors;

Part 03 – The Cobblestone Generator;

Part 04 – We Got It All Wrong;

Part 05 – Lava Is Dangerous;

Part 06 – Not Sure How To Play This;

Part 07 – The Secret Room;

Part 08 – Enchanting For n00bs;

Part 09 – To The Nether We Go!;

Part 10 – More Bloody Zombies!;

Part 11 –  Get These Zombies Away From Me!;

Part 12 –  Is This The End?;

Part 13 –  Finally Finished… A Round-Up;

We are finally finished with this map. We look fwd to check out more by these guys.


Teaching IRNBRU72 How To Play Mincraft

Hello everyone!

Yes it is how it sounds. IRNBRU72 is new to the game and me being a n00b thought I would try and teach him some basics.. Having Mangler112 and R0BBIKAI to help did create some funny results 😀

Teaching IRNBRU72 Playlist

Teaching IRNBRU72 Playlist

Teaching IRNBRU72 How To Play Minecraft Part 01;

Teaching IRNBRU72 How To Play Minecraft Part 02;

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