Total Wipeout In Minecraft

Hello, Time for a new short series.

Anyone know the TV show Total Wipeout? Well it turns out someone made a map of it in Minecraft. It was quite short and didn’t work too well but my brother AD12791 and I gave it a go.

Download Wipeout by Gacuu;

Minecraft Total Wipeout Part 01 Bloody Pistons HD;

Minecraft Total Wipeout Part 02 Trololololol HD;


To be fair there are quite a few Wipeout maps out there.. We may be trying another in the future;


Minecraft Snapshot Week 34 12w34b Download Link 1.4

Hello, me again.. I have been away for some time so I missed a few things.. I have trawled back through it all and lobbed it on here for you.. Enjoy 🙂

Jeb has been teasing about some of the new features the past few weeks.

jeb_: In addition to @Dinnerbone’s love mugs, we’ve added another old decoration suggestion:
jeb_: Invisibility effect: This is how I *want* it to work, but obviously very easy to client-side “override”
jeb_: Some effects of a corner stairs test, Normal shapes behave as expected of course, but I’m not sure about this…

Minecraft Snapshot 12w34a

The recent two weeks Dinnerbone and I (jeb_) have worked a lot on new features, both our own and suggestions from the community. Before you ask, the API that will allow you to do your own features is waiting for a large restructuring of the render engine to be completed. I’ll write more about this in a future blog post.

So while you wait for that, here are the changes in this week’s snapshot:

  • Added item frames
  • Added cobblestone walls (yes, mossy too)
  • Maps now align to a grid, making it easier to create adjacent maps. Maps can also be cloned
  • Stairs now auto-arrange into corners. This is a test and may change based on feedback
  • Mobs can travel through portals
  • Leather clothes can be dyed
  • Removed the “wip block” from the creative menu
  • Added two new crops and associated items
  • F3+P will toggle the auto-pause when the window loses focus (it’s for debugging, mainly)
  • F3+H will toggle detailed item descriptions (also for debugging)
  • Added arrow-sensitive wooden buttons
  • Trapdoors can be placed in top-most position (based on cross-hair aim)

Download the snapshot here:

// The Minecraft Team

Most of the team will be out next week, so there won’t be a snapshot or Weekly Chunk.

See some of you very soon!

– Lydia

Read all about the snapshot on the Mojang Blog – There is also a lot of PAX info.

Minecraft Snapshot 12w34b

We decided to do a ‘b’ version of this week’s snapshot due to a number of bugs…

  • Fixed item frame crashes
  • Fixed nether portal stuff
  • Changed recipes for buttons
  • Minor armor gfx changes
  • Tweaked the “hidden feature” (still not ready for release)

Download the snapshot here:

// The Minecraft Team

Original Source: Minecraft 12w34b Mojang Blog

How To Install

It seems the snapshots are the same as they used to be to install again;

We do not have any review vids as of yet but feel free to check out our Herobrine Escape series..

Well that is it really..



This is a mirror of my Minecraft Snapshot 12w34b post on Gamer Euphoria

Herobrine Prison Escape

Well hello there..

Today me and Doney decided to finally do another adventure map together! Well and we actually did it! Get ready for the first of a very long great adventure map series! Have fun!

Herobrine Prison Escape Download;

Part 01 – It is Getting Dark Real Fast;

Part 02 – Scary Zombies Knocking On Doors;

Part 03 – The Cobblestone Generator;

Part 04 – We Got It All Wrong;

Part 05 – Lava Is Dangerous;

Part 06 – Not Sure How To Play This;

Part 07 – The Secret Room;

Part 08 – Enchanting For n00bs;

Part 09 – To The Nether We Go!;

Part 10 – More Bloody Zombies!;

Part 11 –  Get These Zombies Away From Me!;

Part 12 –  Is This The End?;

Part 13 –  Finally Finished… A Round-Up;

We are finally finished with this map. We look fwd to check out more by these guys.


The Silvia Hotel

Hello again..

Mangler and I decided to take our honeymoon.. It turns out it was not quite as the brochure promised.

Luckily there was another hotel just down the road.

Silvia made this Minecraft replica of the Carlton Abbey Hotel in Ireland.



Minecraft Snapshot Week 32 12w32a Download Link 1.4

Hello there,

We had another snapshot this week. 12w32a 🙂 the build up to Minecraft 1.4

Snapshot 12w32a (Week 32)

What is that?

We are currently working on two different tasks: first to patch 1.3.1 to fix the most serious bugs, and secondly on 1.4. The patch will be released as 1.3.2, and will not include any new features. This snapshot (12w32a), however, is a part of our 1.4 development, so it has some new features (confusing, eh?):

  • Villagers will now react positively on new trades, and negatively if you hurt them
  • Villagers will not remove trades, but trading something else may be required to renew the old ones
  • Zombies and Skeletons have new equipment, depending on difficulty
  • There’s a new kind of Zombie, too
  • Added the “Command Block” intended for adventure maps. It’s not craftable and not in the menu, but its id is 137
  • A suprise block! This block is still work in progress, but will get a crafting recipe later on

Get the snapshot here:

If you havent downloaded Minecraft you can grab it here:

// The Minecraft Team

Make sure to check back next Thursday as we will be having more creative contests!


Read about the snapshot and more in the latest weekly chunk on the Mojang Blog.



jeb_: I’ve got some upset tweets about the command block on servers. FYI, the it’s disabled by default, you need to enable it in the property file


jeb_: The command block came with changes to command permission levels, but vanilla still only has the /op level. Also work in progress…


jeb_: To avoid the beacon pyramid crash in the snapshot, always make sure you choose a secondary power when it’s available. Sorry about that


How To Install

It seems the snapshots are the same as they used to be to install again;

I do not have any review video links yet.. You can always check out the M1neTube channel to see some of the previous updates.

Why not check out our Olympic Training Videos while your waiting.

Best get on and play it 😛


This is a mirror post of my Minecraft Snapshot 12w32a post on GamerEuphoria